Monday, February 23, 2009

Introduction to the Canon Digital Rebel XT DVD

A DVD covering the brand new Digital Rebel XT and all its fantastic new features. Hundreds of photo examples, subjects separated by chapters. Topics include: Buttons and Dials White Balance / Color Temperature The Basic Zones Organizing your Photos AF Zones: WHERE to focus RAW files AF Modes: WHEN to focus ? Bracketing/Exposure Compensation Time Value Setting: SoftwahoptMoements 3.0, Digital Photo Professional, Arcsoft PhotoStudio Aperture Value / Depth of Field Depth of Field Preview Button ISO Filters and Other Accessories Composition Custom Functions Printing your Photos
Customer Review: Makes useing the Rebel XT easy.
This DVD makes learning how to use the Canon Rebel XT easy. I learned more by watching this DVD once then I have learned the whole time that I have had my Rebel XT.
Customer Review: Very Helpful Learning Tool
I learned a lot on first play. It is very helpful and I plan to watch it several times.

Capturing a portrait of twins compared to one person is more than twice as difficult. For a good comparison while retaining individual characteristics, all eyes must be focused at one point. There is a tendency to place the twins on a bench which unfortunately puts them both at the same height. This produces a static look and may lead the viewer to place false emphasis on minor height differences. Many methods can be used to place the twins at different heights. The ideal configuration is one in which the chin of the lower subject is even with the eyes of the upper subject.

Many methods can be used to attain this height difference. A small (four inch) riser can be placed under one subject or one subject can be standing. A small chair for one subject and the floor for the second satisfies the composition for a full length portrait. Teens to adults can be photographed one in an arm chair and one on the arm.
Some sporty poses have one kneeling on one knee and the other sitting back on his heels. The aim is to make a diagonal of a line drawn between the faces. This has the effect of a more dynamic and energetic composition.

For twins portraits that have a priority to compare faces, it is important to make sure that the turn of the faces is identical. If the differences in facial characteristics is important, the body angle and head angle may be slightly different. Many more exposures should be taken in order to insure there are enough good poses. Blinks, off looks and bad expressions have to be discarded.

Triplets portraiture follow the same rules with the addition of the third subject. A constant flow of conversation is helpful in keeping the triplets attention on the photographer. Make sure no two heads are in the same plane and that all three heads are the same distance from the camera. This is to minimize any effects of foreshortening. A longer than normal telephoto lens can be used to help in this department. If identical clothing is worn, extra attention should be placed in arranging the clothing for a neat effect. Inevitably, comparisons will be made. Facial expressions that are on the moderate side will help create a nicer twins portrait. Buddy pictures are ideal for twins. Arms around shoulders, leaning on one another and interaction shots (reading, gaming) play up the closeness of twins. Be sure to have twice as much fun!

Retired portrait photographer. Comments welcome.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Canon Powershot A640 Digital Cameras

The Canon Powershot A640 Digital Camera comes with a 10 Megapixel CCD sensor, allowing capturing of image as large as 3,648x2,736 pixels. It also comes with a 2.5 inch color swivel LCD monitor, optical viewfinder, and a 4x glass lens equivalent to 35 mm. The optical viewfinder comes handy when the LCD does not give the true picture in ambient light. The swivel LCD, on the other hand, allows you to compose shots from angles normally not possible, like from above your head or below your waist.

The camera comes with full auto focus as well as manual focus possibilities, along with an auto focus assist light. The ISO range is 80 to 800, aperture vary from f/2.8 to f/4.1 and shutter speed vary from1 /2,500 to 15 seconds.

There are three scene modes, various special effect modes and a movie mode too. The movie mode allows capturing of footage unto one hour or one Gigabytes per clip.

The Canon A640 uses SD and/or MMC Cards to store the images. It uses a USB 2.0 High speed connection for connection to a MAC or PC. Like many of the Canon A series cameras, A650 also can print directly through USB, if connected using the PictBridge technology.

The camera body is black in color. It is hefty compared to the ELPH cameras, and more like other A series cameras, more retro in style. But it provides a firm grip, allowing to take a snap with less shake. The menu buttons are conveniently located in the right side of the back panel.

The camera speed is commendable. It does not take much time to start up or shut down. The shutter speed is convenient too for those who wish to take continuous shots. But the good point about the camera is that the shots taken are truly good, colors are natural and detailing is quite well, even in the most unpromising scenario.

The camera runs on four AA batteries. The package comes with a set of four disposable batteries, and 32 MB MMC, so it would be better if you purchase some extra batteries and a bigger capacity card along with your camera.

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